Apple Campus 2 is an amazing building with its enormous curved panes of glass and its symbiotic relationship with nature. With fans of Apple following every step of its construction, it's only natural that one of those people would also be a LEGO fan. One such fan has turned to the LEGO Ideas system to try to make this a reality.

For those unfamiliar with the LEGO Ideas site, it is a spot where you can suggest a new LEGO set to be made. Should it accumulate 10,000 votes before the deadline, LEGO will officially consider the idea. While it doesn't guarantee it will see production, the company will at least consider it.

This is actually how LEGO got involved with Minecraft several years ago, and we've seen where that has led.

Apple Campus BE (Brick Edition) would include the main flying saucer building as well as the Steve Jobs Theater where future product unveilings will occur.

If this seems like a strange fit for LEGO, there is certainly precedent for it with its popular LEGO Architecture line. This series already recreates famous buildings and locations from around the world, so the inclusion of something like Apple Campus 2 isn't that odd at all.

You can support Apple Campus BE on the LEGO Ideas site where it currently has seven weeks left to hit its goal of 10,000 votes.