Apple’s expected to finish construction on its new mega-campus by the end of 2016. That may sound a little optimistic, but a new 4K drone video from Matthew Roberts shows that the finish line is already in sight for Apple Campus 2.

The main ring-shaped building is almost complete. Just a single section of the massive structure is still missing. The rest of the facility still needs some work, but it’s mostly smaller stuff. Some of the windows and roof panels are still missing and the inside still looks pretty bare. But those improvements should come quickly now that the physical building is in place.

We get a look at an impressive network of tunnels that cut across the campus, most likely for quickly driving in between buildings. There’s also a pair of above ground parking garages with solar panels on top. A series of ramps and bridges connect those two buildings.

Roberts notes that Apple’s new auditorium is “progressing rapidly.” The underground space is completely covered up, so it’s impossible to tell if the stage and seating are already in place. The main entrance also looks pretty finished with a sleek modern exterior.

There’s also the separate R&D facility, where some of Apple’s more experimental projects may be developed, and a 100,000 square foot fitness center. Finally, there’s that massive mountain of dirt, which Apple plans to use for landscaping and planting more than 7,000 trees across the new campus. Check out the full tour in the video below.