The Guardian reported recently that Apple recently scooped up Semetric, the British startup behind popular music analytics tool Musicmetric. The move could help boost Cupertino’s own streaming service ahead of rumored plans to relaunch Beats Music as part of iTunes.

Apple wouldn’t confirm the news, but it still looks pretty definite. Earlier this month, Semetric changed its official address to the same London location where Apple Europe is registered. Cupertino’s chief corporate attorney Gene Levoff also became a director for the smaller company back in Oct.

Musicmetric has been around since 2008, offering a single dashboard tool for reviewing everything from music sales to torrent downloads to social media hype. More recently, the company teamed up with Spotify to incorporate its streaming data as well. The deal could give Apple a big advantage over the competition, especially if it decides to hoard all that information for itself.

Apple and Beats could offer the service as an exclusive tool for artists and labels releasing new music on iTunes. As for Beats Music, which is expected to come bundled with future versions of iOS, Musicmetric could help turn the streaming service into a formidable Spotify competitor.