Apple has doubled the storage limit of its $9.99 a month iCloud plan to 2TB. In addition, the company has finally added Family Sharing, giving subscribers the ability to share their data limit with other members of their iCloud family.

Prior to Apple's big WWDC keynote on Monday — which saw the unveiling of iOS 11 and other big updates to its software platforms, plus a bunch of new Macs — the biggest storage limit available for iCloud was 1TB for $9.99 a month. But following the keynote, Apple bumped that limit to 2TB without increasing its price tag.

This gives users even more room to backup their most important data, like photos, videos, music, and more. It will also offer more flexibility when it comes to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch backups. What's more, anyone who purchased the $9.99 iCloud plan prior to June 5 will automatically be upgraded to the 2TB limit, Apple says.

Sadly, similar adjustments have not been made to cheaper iCloud storage plans. Those who pay just $0.99 a month will still get just 50GB of data, while those who pay $2.99 will have to stick with 200GB.

But you no longer have to pay for individual iCloud storage subscriptions for different family members. Apple now offers Family Sharing with the 200GB and 2TB plans, allowing subscribers to share their allowance with other members of their iCloud family. This could bring down the cost of iCloud storage considerably for some users.

There is just one catch, though: Family Sharing for iCloud storage is only available in iOS 11, so unless you're a developer who is already using the early betas, you'll have to wait until this fall when the update rolls out to everyone to take advantage of it.