We’ve seen so much of Apple’s budget iPhone over the past few weeks alone you’d think the device was already available. And these aren’t just blurry spyshots either; we’ve gotten a good look at the device more than once, and these fresh shots provided by iOS developer Sonny Dickson further show off how the handset will compare to Apple’s iPhone 5 (and iPhone 5S): slightly thicker and less premium, but handsome nonetheless.

The shots overall don’t reveal anything new. The camera and LED layout is the same as the current iPhone 5, though the speaker configuration on the bottom has changed slightly. Otherwise, the design is more rounded off and entirely plastic, just as we’ve seen in other part leaks. It doesn’t look all that bad with a polycarbonate shell if we’re honest; that puke green color, though, is a different story.

Apple’s budget handset is expected to cater to those in emerging markets, though we’ve heard more than once the device could be as much as $400 without subsidy—not exactly impulse buy territory. The device still hasn’t been officially confirmed, but we’ve seen it so often it may as well be. Thanks, Internet.