One of the most requested features on the iPhone since it was first released was the addition of tethering so that people could easily use the phone as a wireless modem.  The feature was finally introduced by AT&T in the United States, but unfortunately it came with a fee that disappointed everyone.

What were users to do?  Well, what anyone would do: Disguise a tethering app as a flashlight app.  Duh.

Apparently a $.99 flashlight application named Handy Light popped up in the Apple App Store on Tuesday that looked just like any other app, but if you followed the YouTube video above, it turned out to have a hidden tethering feature.

handy light

After following all of the steps, you would have a tether from your iPhone to your computer that bypassed AT&T's fees.

Yeah, it didn't take long for the app to be pulled, but it does tell us some interesting things about things that can get past Apple's app testers.  I would imagine that new applications are going to be under going some extra testing to make sure something like this doesn't get past them again.

No matter what, at least it happened once, and we can get a good chuckle out of it.  (and note the port number … 1337 … yay for l33ts)

What say you?  Do you find this amusing or evil?

[thanks to Cameron]