We love the wild and wacky concepts artists are always dreaming up. The latest imagines a product that blends several features from Apple’s iPad and MacBook families. The concept was created by ConceptsiPhone, which created two rendered videos that we’ve included below.

Let’s just start with one caveat: this is not something we think Apple will ever build. The company’s iPad Pro already serves as a sort of laptop replacement, thanks to its keyboard, so Apple probably won’t try to make a tablet version of its MacBook Pro. Still, other companies have taken similar approaches.

Microsoft, for example, sells the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, both of which serve as individual tablets capable of also doubling as full-blown computers. The Surface Book, for example, store most of the computing hardware in the tablet aspect of the product, with the external GPU working from inside the keyboard base. The Surface Pro 4 tablet is all computer, with a keyboard serving only as an add-on accessory. Apple hasn’t ever dabbled in this space, so we can see why ConceptsiPhone wanted to give it a shot.

In this concept, it seems the product keeps all of the components inside the base, given the thickness of it and the thinness of the display. Oddly, there’s no trackpad to be found, something that would drive me nuts; the artist instead imagines a touchscreen display. This is something Apple has said it isn’t working to develop, which is why we’re seeing different implementations in its products, like the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.

A compelling, if unrealistic, concept

Note how the display sits flat on the surface of a (relatively bulky) keyboard base. It can then be lifted along metal hinges to sit up in any variety of positions. In this mode, a full QWERTY keyboard is revealed below. The artist imagines this product running a full version of macOS. Funny enough, given that an artist can imagine whatever he or she wants, this iPad/MacBook Pro hybrid concept features just two USB-C ports. There is, however, a single headphone jack.

Watch the two videos below, a second of the same product published by SCAVidsHS, for a closer look.