Apple iPad Air-Box-2

How about this? Following word that Walmart would offer Apple's iPad Air for just $479, Best Buy, Staples and Apple have all confirmed they'll follow suit. I'm a bit shocked Apple has decided to join in on the day-one blitz. That kind of competitive price-matching is terrific for customers—when it's available at so many retailers, that just means you have a ton of options on where to shop.

Many of the prices look like they're only being honored at a retail store, though Staples does list the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air for $479 on its website; prices at the other retailers's online store is still at $499, unfortunately. As 9to5Mac notes, Apple requires that you prove there's a lower price somewhere out there, so you'll have to show a Walmart ad to get the discount. Whichever retailer you go through, an immediate $20 off a new product is always welcome.

Remember, too, that all three retailers accept iPad trade-ins—the amount you get depends on condition and which model you have—so the iPad Air will be even cheaper in conjunction with the discount. It's unclear how long the cheaper price will be offered, so you better take advantage quick.