Reuters on Wednesday reported that Apple's Tim Cook met with Beats CEO Jimmy Lovine about a potential music-streaming partnership. The two allegedly got together last month in Los Angeles to discuss Beats' upcoming Project Daisy, which is yet another subscription-based service promising to change the industry.

Also in attendance was Apple's Eddy Cue, who played a big hand in developing the iTunes Music Store. Discussions were apparently over Daisy's overall business model and rollout scenarios, sources told Reuters. However, specifics of a deal, if there even is one in the making, weren't shared. If anything, the meeting was merely an "informational" one, Reuters said. Whether there will be future talks remains to be seen.

There's been talk about Apple launching a streaming service of its own, but nothing has been made official so far. The Cupertino company currently runs the largest online music emporium, so a complementary streaming service certainly makes sense. Still, no concrete evidence confirms such a service is inbound. Should an Apple streaming music service come to fruition, it would compete with Spotify, Rdio and even Google's rumored subscription music offering.

Beats' Project Daisy is still in the early days, and a lot is still unknown about the project, but it obviously grabbed Apple's attention. It seems like a very unlikely partnership if something were to materialize, but who knows. Project Daisy is expected to launch at the end of this year.