I often see iOS concepts and think, “Sure, that looks cool.” The latest one from iOS Concepts is something I badly wish Apple would make happen. The concept proves Apple can drastically improve the experience of iOS through simple changes.

The biggest change proposed by iOS Concepts sees the lock screen become much more dynamic. Since the original iPhone hit, the lock screen has more or less remained unchanged, providing users with the time and notifications. Something as small as adding Complications, which are available on the Apple Watch, could make a huge difference.

While we’re at it, Apple should seriously consider adopting Always-On Display (AOD) technology. iPhone users would be able to quickly check the time, see how many notifications they have, and more. Most of Apple’s top competitors have adopted AOD technology, so it’s about time for Apple to follow suit.

Building on the Pixel 2’s excellent Now Playing feature, Apple’s AOD could feature Shazam’s technology, which it recently acquired. That seems like a no-brainer at this point. Everything that Shazam hears can then live in its own tab inside iOS’ Music app, with easy Apple Music integration right there.

Some of the other proposed features include grouped notifications, dark mode, and a redesigned Reminders app. All of the suggestions from iOS Concepts are very reasonable and would go a long way toward breathing new life into iOS.

Unfortunately, no matter how badly we want this concept to exist, there’s a high probability Apple won’t implement any of these features. With iOS 11 exhibiting so many issues, Apple has reportedly pushed a number of redesigned features off until next year, with stability being the main focus of iOS 12.

Bravo to iOS Concepts for creating such a cool concept.