Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed an interest in wearable technology during his interview with AllThingsD at D11 recently, and now we're getting yet another hint that the iWatch may very well be on the way.

According to Izvestia, a Russian news outlet, Apple recently filed for the iWatch trademark in Russia. It probably has no reason to do so unless it plans to release such a device and may be securing the name ahead of a potential launch. As 9to5Mac reminds us, however, Apple may simply be registering the name for a product that might not ever come to fruition.

Still, several reports have suggested that Apple is already testing such a device. In early May a report said that Apple was testing a device with a 1.5-inch display, Tim Cook said that he's building several new "game changers" and yet another report suggested Apple has 100 people working on the device that will run iOS.

Still, other rumors suggest that Apple won't launch the iWatch until next year. Looks like we might have some time to wait, but it does appear that Apple is eyeing the iWatch name for some reason.