Right under our noses, Apple's immense App Store emporium is slowly creeping toward 50 billion downloads—yes, that's billions with a B. The Cupertino company regularly highlights big App Store milestones, and it typically gives out some healthy rewards for whichever customer pushes the company over the edge.

For the 50 billion mark, Apple will hand out a $10,000 App Store gift card; $500 gift cards will be handed out to the next 50 people after the 50 billionth app is downloaded. Apple has some simple terms attached to the giveaway—you have to be 13 or older and you're only allowed 25 entries per day, among other things.

Now that Apple has announced the 50 billion download mark is neigh, you better start downloading. Apple has a handy list of the all-time paid and free apps at the course, just in case you're not sure what to start filling your iOS device with.You could be the $10,000 winner.