Apple on Monday unveiled the newest version of watchOS, building on the wearable’s fitness tracking capabilities.

Watch faces

In the new update, Apple says Siri will be more proactive when showing you information. The “Siri watch face” will show information that it determines is most relevant to users. So, for example, it will show you information such as commute times and more in the morning.

And when you raise your wrist later in the day, what you see will be different. It’s all about giving you the information you want when you need it rather than having the same complications on your Apple Watch throughout the day.

It’s sort of like having Google Now but on your wrist. Hey, that would be nice to have on your iPhone…

Additionally, Apple is introducing more watch faces, including a kaleidoscope, and characters from Toy Story, such as Woody, Buzz and Jesse. If personalizing your Apple Watch is of utmost importance, then these new watch faces are for you.


The Workout app also has a new UI, with an auto-set setting for pool workouts, personalized achievement updates, smarter coaching, and more. There’s also a setting to track high intensity internal training (HIIT), which are workouts designed to get your heart rate up in a shorter amount of time.

Activity, meanwhile, now has monthly challenges, and there’s a feature that will integrate with gym equipment. Using NFC, users can connect to gym equipment at big gyms, making it easier to track what they did and how many reps were performed.

Of course, you can’t workout with a solid playlist. There’s a new music app on the Apple Watch, which will pull in Apple Music mixes automatically, making management much easier. (I’d imagine other apps such as Spotify will be able to do the same thing.)

The Apple Watch will also encourage users to get a little more activity in order to “close the rings.” It’s like having a coach constantly in your ear telling you you can do better.

And more

WatchOS 4 will also introduce a flashlight app, faster app performance, and more. Apple said the developer preview will be available today, with the final consumer release available this fall.