Apple and Swiss Federal Railway have reached an agreement over the electronics manufacturer unauthorized use of the railroad company’s iconic clock. When the iOS 6 update went out to users in Sept., the clock app on the iPad had received a facelift of a new clock, but it just so happens it looked identical to a trademarked clock design used by Swiss Federal Railway. In late Sept. it was announced the two companies would meet to discuss the matter and attempt to come to an agreement over the matter. According to the AFP, an agreement has been reached and Apple has agreed to pay the railway 20 million Swiss francs, or about $21 million USD. Neither company has issued a statement in regards to the matter. One has to wonder if this situation may have contributed to the ouster of former iOS VP Scott Forstall. While many have concentrated on iOS Maps being the contributing factor, using a trademarked clock that ends up costing the company $21 million is sure to not be a good thing for any employee either. [via AFP]