Apple and Samsung have been top dogs in the smartphone market for the past half decade now, but their dominance is slowly eroding. According to the latest date from Gartner’s, both Apple and Samsung took a step backwards in first quarter of 2017.

Samsung held the top spot with 78.7 million units sold for a total share of 20.7 percent of the market, but those figures are down from the previous time frame last year. In the first quarter of 2016, Samsung sold 81.2 million phones and held 23 percent of the market. Gartner noted that “fierce competition” in the low-end market contributed to Samsung’s declining sales and market share.

Apple came in second place, with an increase in iPhones sales from 51.6 million last year to 52 million this year. But the bump in sales wasn’t enough to slow its declining market share, which fell from 14.8 percent to 13.7 percent this year.

Gartner pinpoints budding Chinese smartphone makers with their high-end specs and cheap price point as the main competition clawing at Apple and Samsung’s stranglehold in the smartphone market. Three Chinese smartphone makers rounded out the top five, and all saw increases in shipments. Huawei came in third with 34.1 million units sold, Oppo fourth with 30.9 million and Vivo fifth with 25.8 million.

As for smartphone operating systems, Android is still king with a staggering 86.1 percent share. Apple’s iOS lagged far behind with 13.7 percent, a slight decline from 2016’s 14.8 percent.