Apple and RIM
Apple and RIM are being taken to court by a Texas company known as Touchscreen Gestures over basic smartphone touchscreen technology such as drag, tap and scroll. Both companies are being accused of using the technology in devices such as the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook.

The patents in question were originally issued to Taiwanese company Sentelic in 2007 and 2008, though it’s unclear how the patents wound up in the hands of the Texas company, PaidContent said. It’s likely they were recently purchased for the purposed of “patent trolling” — Texas courts have previously favored plaintiffs, oftentimes issuing verdicts in the millions. That makes the lawsuit’s location all the more ideal for Touchscreen Gestures.

It’s also unclear what, exactly, Touchscreen Gestures does. The company doesn’t have a Web site, and it failed to describe its services in the court filing. It only revealed that it was a “Texas Limited Liability Company.”

In addition to taking Apple and RIM to court, the firm also accused Samsung of violating the same patents in its Galaxy tablets. The patents, as described by the court, include: A method of identifying double tap gesture, a method for identifying a movement of single tap, a method identifying a drag gesture and a method of scrolling “Window Screen by Means of Controlling Electronic Device.”

[via Paid Content]