HTC recently settled its patent suits with Apple and now it appears that Google's Motorola Mobility is working to do the same, at least with some patents. Bloomberg said Friday that the two firms are currently in discussions to resolve patents "related to critical smartphone technology," which, in other words, are patents that most phone makers need in order to make modern smartphones.

"Apple is also interested in resolving its dispute with Motorola completely and agrees that arbitration may be the best vehicle to resolve the parties' dispute," the iPhone maker said Friday. Arbitration is a method used for solving a lawsuit without the involvement of a court. "We have long sought a path to resolving patent issues and we welcome the chance to build on the constructive dialogue between our companies," Google General Counsel Kent Walker said recently, according to Bloomberg. "While we prefer to seek a framework for a global (rather than piecemeal) resolution that addresses all of our patent disputes, we are committed to reaching agreement on a license for our respective standard-essential patents."

Settlement should be good for all smartphone users. Samsung, meanwhile, has said that it is not interested in settling with Apple.

[via Bloomberg]