Apple and Microsoft are set to release earnings reports after the bell today. We follow the companies closely all throughout the year, and earnings releases always provide some insight into how products are selling and where a firm is excelling and where it needs work. I'm interested in a lot of what Microsoft and Apple will reveal, but here are some of the main points I'll be watching.


What are iPad sales like? Are they down again or flat year-on-year? If so, are people getting sick of the iPad? It seems like that could be a possibility, and perhaps it means that Apple needs to kick out those new models earlier.

We're expecting the iPad mini 3 and the iPad Air 2 this year. We aren't sure when, but both should offer faster A8 processors and Touch ID. Apple needs to get consumers interested in the iPad again, particularly if sales are slowing. If so, it will likely highlight these features as a reason to upgrade to its newer slates. Also, sales of iPhone may be falling a bit as customers wait for the new model, which is expected in September.

Finally, I'm waiting to see if Apple gives us any new hints – we've heard the best products in 25 years are coming and that Apple is entering new product categories, but Apple needs to follow up with its big talk.

Will this take a hit on its earnings? We'll find out in a few short hours.


Again, I'm looking for mobile news here (that's my forte here at TechnoBuffalo). I'm really worried that Stephen Elop killed Nokia.

Elop brought the company over to Windows Phone, from Symbian, instead of Android and, now that Nokia is officially part of Microsoft, Android efforts are dead and Microsoft is laying off Nokia employees.

Nokia was once a major smartphone brand and now we need to see how Microsoft is going to bring it back to the top, if it can at all. Focusing on the low-end is super dangerous for Microsoft, even though that's what CEO Satya Nadella said is the new focus. Android is crushing that market.

Windows Phone 8.1 is the next big OS that's rolling out now, but I haven't been super impressed with it, despite new features like Cortana. I understand that Nadella is slimming down some of those Nokia hires, but I hope it's not getting rid of real talent and replacing those folks with Microsoft employees who aren't as up to snuff as the Nokia folks. I'm also interested in Xbox sales and software sales, but particularly want to see if there's any news on the mobile front in regards to strategy and performance.

Apple and Microsoft are set to reveal earnings after the bell tonight, and we'll bring you the financial details as soon as they hit.