The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Apple are still at a disagreement over whether or not it’s appropriate for Apple to use “4G” in the iPad’s marketing within Australia. The major issue concerning the ACCC is that Apple’s third-generation tablet is referred to as the “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G,” even though the device is not compatible with Australia’s commonly used 1800MHz frequency band of 4G.

The ACCC is upset that Apple is suggesting the iPad supports 4G networks within the country when, in fact, LTE is mostly supported by the new iPad in North American markets. Apple has already agreed to change its marketing in Australia and the company now says that the iPad “supports very fast cellular networks,” but that it is “not compatible with current Australian 4G LTE networks and WiMAX networks.” Apple has also issued refunds to unsatisfied customers.  The Cupertino-based firm hasn’t, and refuses to, change the products name from “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G,” however. That’s understandable since it’s still the same product that was released around the world, but Australian consumers still have a right to ask for change, since the name is misleading.

All hope doesn’t appear to be lost for Apple. The Sydney Herald reported Monday that this case is scheduled for a hearing later today at a Federal Court in Melbourne in which the court will determine what the next steps concerning this matter will be. This isn’t the first issue connected to Apple’s use of the term 4G with its new iPad, as consumer advocacy groups in the U.K. and Sweden have also voice similar concern with the product’s name.

Will Apple change the new iPad’s official name in Australia? Signs suggest we’ll have a final answer later today.

[via: CNET]