iPad Mini Kindle App (Mockup)

Apple has reportedly been working to beef up its stock of the yet-to-be-announced iPad mini ahead of the holiday season. According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal recently, Apple's suppliers in Asia have already been asked to build 10 million iPad mini units for the fourth quarter of this year. Apparently that figure is about twice as many units as Amazon placed for its Kindle Fire devices, the sources said.

The iPad mini is expected to offer a 7.85-inch display, access to Apple's entire iOS ecosystem, an aluminum body, the company's new Lightning dock connector and more. Unfortunately, it's still super unclear how Apple will price the tablet. Will it cost $399 and compete with its existing new iPad and iPad 2? Or will it be priced lower and compete with the higher-end iPod touch devices? We'll know more on Oct. 17.

[via The Wall Street Journal]