Apple is really going all out on pushing the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory. After showing up on a U.S. magazine cover, new reports claim the Cupertino company is constructing dedicated displays in high-end boutiques across France. Among the notable locations include Galeries Lafayette and Champs Elysees. It’ll put Apple’s gear right alongside other premium jewelry and trinkets, drawing attention to the company’s fancy new wearable.

9to5Mac describes these dedicated displays as something you’d find at a Best Buy, but a little more upscale. Apple Retail Senior Vice President Angela Ahrendts is reportedly heading up the new effort, with special emphasis in Paris because of its ties to fashion. Over the past few months, Apple has really made it a priority to target fashion circles to help market its upcoming wearable, and this latest move will further push the device in that direction.

Sources say if that these dedicated displays are successful, Apple will introduce more across the globe. It’s unclear if any of these displays will show up at launch in other parts of the world, but you can bet the watch will have a major presence in Apple stores all across the world. The company has supposedly gone to great lengths to protect its newest product, which Tim Cook said will be available to the public in April.