Printing is at once easy and frustrating when you have Apple products. In large part, it’s fairly simple to share a printer across your network, especially if you have an Airport Extreme or all Apple product household.

However, some printers are not fully compatible with the set up, and until now, some Apple devices weren’t either. If you have been a frustrated Apple iPad owner or tried to use a perfectly good but older printer with a new Apple Operating System, you know exactly what I mean.

AirPrintApple AirPrint aims to be a fix to those issues. Right now it is only for the iPad and certain newer printers, but there are a lot of Apple users out there who hope it expands past the iPad and HP (Hewlett Packard) bubble and into other devices.

So now that we know that in the next IOS iteration Apple AirPrint will help your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch print wirelessly, a much needed service, what will it look like to use?

Didn’t Apple already release this new hotness a little while ago? No, they didn’t. You’re probably thinking about AirPlay, the streaming service that released with iTunes 10. Also cool, but it won’t help you print.

I am hopping Apple doesn’t make AirPrint Hewlett Packard exclusive for too long – I have some newer Samsung and Brother wireless printer setups I’m hoping this new tool works well with soon. iPads are so useful they are starting to play a prominent role in the collaboration done for one of my companies, and printing is definitely a lacking feature right now.