Apple was quiet about its AirPower wireless charger during its iPhone event last week even though it was announced a year ago. The company reportedly ran into engineering issues that forced the delay but even a year later, Apple still can’t seem to get its wireless charger to work.

According to reports from John Gruber (via Daring Fireball) and Sonny Dickson, Apple simply cannot figure out how to get the AirPower to function without it overheating. It seems Apple was overly ambitious with the design, which would allow users to charge three devices at once.

Normal wireless chargers use a single coil design. Apple’s AirPower promised to push the technology forward by using overlapping coils in varying sizes to simultaneously charge three devices.

Unfortunately, Apple has not been able to get the wireless charger to function as advertised. It continues to be dogged by overheating issues. Additionally, AirPower is also struggling to communicate with the devices it charges. It reportedly can’t tell what the charge level of a device is, which could lead to more overheating issues.

Earlier reports stated that Apple could delay AirPower well into 2019 if it couldn’t nail the design, and from the sound of it, the delay is looking very likely now. Even more concerning is that the new reports are saying that Apple could go so far as cancelling the wireless charger if it doesn’t manage to make improvements any time soon.

AirPower could be on its way out before it even arrives.