Apple’s rumored AirPods are finally official. With the headphone jack going away, Apple said it was taking on the challenge to create headphones that are truly meant for the wireless world.

They essentially look like Apple’s existing EarPods without the cables, which is to say they look… weird. When worn, they look more like those wireless earpieces lawyers might use to talk on the phone. Now, you can wear two at once!

The AirPods come equipped with a new Apple W1 chip that handles audio and wireless connections, with infrared sensors that detect when they’re in your ear. They also sport motion accelerometers to detect touch to activate Siri.

Apple said they are capable of getting 5 hours of battery life, which is pretty astounding for how small these are. Speaking of size, how quickly until you lose a pair of AirPods?

In order to set them up, Apple said you simply open the AirPod case and it’ll pair with your phone. That’s it. The same setup process goes for the Apple Watch. Setup is propagated across iCloud to multiple devices. There are no buttons, switching, or unpairing.

The AirPods will be available in October for $159.