When the AirPods were announced, they were received with lukewarm anticipation. Apple’s Bluetooth earphones looked like a Bluetooth version of its EarPods and were outrageously priced compared to some other alternatives. This was back in September; fast-forward to their release just before now and they’re selling like hot cakes.

AirPods are nearly impossible to find right now, with new shipments selling out within minutes. If you are looking for a pair, good luck because you won’t be finding them, unless you’re using the locator service from Is In Stock.

In turns out the AirPods offer more than a fancy Bluetooth connectivity, and everyone wants a pair. Reviews have been glowing but this has led to limited supplies. Is In Stock is probably the only easy way to find a pair of available AirPods near you. The service helps you find available units of AirPods by searching new shipments to the Apple Store, Target, Best Buy and even carriers.

You can search stores nearby for availability, and if there are none, you can set email reminders to alert you when a store nearby gets a fresh batch. It’s pretty dead simple and beats calling each individual Apple Store looking for a pair, only to be told they are already sold out.

Save the hassle and use this service if you want AirPods

Is In Stock’s website touts that hundreds of happy customers have received their AirPods thanks to the website and it’s not hard to imagine why. Buying AirPods from Apple’s website gives you an estimated 6 week delivery time frame or a store pick-up for March 7 at the earliest.

Is In Stock does the whole job for you, all you have to do is drive to the nearest store you get on alert and buy your new AirPods since randomly walking into your nearest store and picking up a pair probably won’t be happening for a while.