Apple jumped into the wireless earphone market with the AirPods last year and it has never met the supply and demand of its highly popular product. But the situation appears to be improving as AirPods now ship in just one to two weeks.

Apple announced the AirPods last September alongside the iPhone 7, but production issues pushed the release back to December of the same year. Ever since, Apple hasn’t caught up with demand, with shipment times being as high as six weeks. Slowly that time ticked down to four weeks and then two to three weeks, and now it can be as low as one week.

Upon their first availability, AirPods sold like gangbusters and have continued to do so. They offer solid battery life, seamless integration with the iPhone and more importantly, no wires.

With Apple announcing the iPhone 8 next week, it may also reveal upgraded AirPods or some new features that will be pushed out via a software upgrade. We’ll find out September 12.