If you ordered Apple AirPods last week, you may have received a shipping notification within the last few days. If you’re extra lucky, you may even have a pair of AirPods out for delivery today, according to AppleInsider. Apple had originally said AirPods would arrive on December 21, so they’re a hair early… even if they hit the market much later than anticipated.

That’s good news for some folks, but some bad news still lingers for the rest of us.

Some Apple Stores have stock of AirPodsAppleInsider said, though supply seems to be highly limited. The units aren’t available in every store, as seemed possible last week, and my guess is the stores that do have stock only have a handful available for sale. If you want a chance at buying one, your best bet is probably to call the store when it first opens in the morning, or go wait for it to open and keep your fingers crossed that a shipment was sent to your location. Unfortunately, Apple’s site doesn’t allow one to place an order online and pick up in-store; at least not yet.

A delayed launch (mostly) misses holiday season

Waiting is your only other option. Apple’ website currently says that new orders of AirPods won’t ship for at least 6 weeks, well after Christmas and well into the New Year. It’s unclear what caused supply limitations or even why Apple wasn’t able to launch as planned. The company, after unveiling AirPods in September, had said they would ship as early as October. They didn’t, though, and Apple has still been mum on why.

The good news is that early reviews seem to be mostly positive. Do you have a set on the way?