Although it’s pretty much impossible to find a pair in-store, Apple has begun to advertise its AirPods, the company’s first-ever wireless earbuds.

The ads first went up on Apple’s YouTube channel late last week, but you’ll likely start seeing them on primetime TV soon (if they haven’t started airing already). The ads feature Apple’s typical brand of slick marketing, focusing mainly on the person using the product rather than the product itself. In this case, dancer Lil Buck struts his stuff through the bustling streets of Mexico City.

The ads do a great job of highlighting why the AirPods are so cool in the first place. Not only do they come with a slick charging case, but they connect seamlessly to Apple devices, making them incredibly easy to use.

Of course, the ad also wants consumers to believe AirPods won’t fall out of your ear, something the wireless earbuds have been criticized for by reviewers. If they do fall out while they’re in use, I can only imagine what a pain they’ll be to find in a busy city.

Good Luck finding a pair

Apple’s AirPods have endured a tough start to life, first encountering delays and then running into supply constraints. Maybe that’s why there wasn’t much AirPod marketing during the holidays. Consumers simply had no place to buy them unless they got an order in soon after going on sale.

Even if you have no interest in getting a pair, the ads are really cool and look especially good in black and white.