At the rate Apple is adding to the list of retail stores that will carry the iPad, you have to wonder when we’re going to hear about Starbucks adding them up at the front counter. “Yeah, I’ll take a Venti Latte and a 64 GB Wi-Fi iPad, please.” At least that’s how it’s beginning to feel as Apple adds yet another retail partner to the iPad party.

Sam's Club LogoSam’s Club, the wholesale club division of the Walmart chain, has announced that it will be adding both the iPhone and iPad to its electronics and jewelry section prior to the holiday season.  This isn’t too big of a surprise as Walmart itself is adding iPads this week, but we’re not sure we’ve ever seen Apple be this aggressive in the retail sector this early in the lifecycle of a product.

Typically when Apple has introduced a new product, it likes to hold on to the sales for itself for some time.  For a long time you could only get an iPhone at an AT&T store or Apple location, but now they are everywhere.  When the iPod was introduced it took ages for it to appear in any other retailers, and now you can’t throw a rock without hitting one.

So, with the iPad entering its first holiday season it will be available through:

  • Amazon
  • AT&T stores
  • Best Buy
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target
  • Verizon stores
  • Walmart

We have to say, we almost wonder if it isn’t too available.

Some of the initial thrill of Apple products for consumers is the exclusivity feeling they get.  If you can pick one up while also buying fruit punch by the vat, just how exclusive does it feel?  We doubt this will have much impact, but it does seem a bit curious that Steve Jobs is being this aggressive so soon.  Is he trying to make sure iPad is the only name people think of when they hear “tablet” since there are a slew of Android devices coming?  Could be.

Either way, if you want to buy someone an iPad for Christmas, it looks like you won’t have any trouble finding one.

What say you?  Is Apple being too aggressive this time?