Apple this week released a brand new iPhone 5s ad that focuses on the device's prolific content creation capabilities. Backed by a crowd-generated cover of Gigantic by The Pixies, the ad is powerful and moving, and features some terrific scenes of iPhone owners flexing their musical and artistic talents. And then the big tagline hits: You're More Powerful Than You Think. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of Apple's products and the emphasis on user experience. Not how this product is better than that product.

What stood out to me in particular is the subtle jab thrown at the Galaxy S5, which comes with a heart rate sensor built in. But so do a lot of current flagship phones if you have the right software. The app highlighted in the ad, by the way, is called Instant Heart Rate, which you can learn more about by following this link.

"You have the power to create, shape, and share your life," Apple says. "It's right there in your hand. Or bag. Or pocket. It's your iPhone 5s."

The iPhone has become the butt of many jokes because it's currently the smallest flagship smartphone out there. But, when put in the hands of users, it becomes "gigantic" because of what users are capable of creating (or shaping, or sharing), empowering them to become better than they initially thought.

You don't need an iPhone 5s to do any of these things, but the ad is great because it isn't boastful, and doesn't compare itself. It doesn't have to. None of the iPhone 5s's features even make an appearance. It's just you (the users), and your personal experience with the phone. Whether you choose Apple or another competitor is up to you.

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