The iPhone’s camera is already pretty awesome, maybe even the best smartphone shooter out there. Now Apple may be looking to widen its lead after acquiring LinX, an Israeli company with some exciting new mobile camera technology.

What sets LinX apart is the decision to use multiple miniature aperture cameras in a single model instead of just one larger lens. The result is a sensor that captures each scene and object from multiple angles, creating a sort of 3D model. It’s also very good for capturing what the company calls “near flat surfaces” like walls, which would otherwise lose some detail.

Apple confirmed the deal to The Wall Street Journal, though there’s no word on how much it paid or what Cupertino plans to do with the new technology. If it does end up included in future iPhones and other devices, that could mean some exciting new camera features.

We might get something similar to HTC’s Duo Camera, which lets you change focus after taking a shot, or it might be more like Google’s 3D-scanning Project Tango. More likely, Apple will simply offer high-quality SLR-style photos using the newly-acquired technology.

Depending on how quickly Apple moves, we may see LinX technology show up in new devices later this year. An improved camera could be a nice update for the iPhone 6s or even future iPads, though it’s far too soon to know anything for sure.