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Apple on Friday acquired Burstly, a startup that offers app-testing and analytics. The company confirmed the news to CNET, but didn't explain what it purchased Burstly for. It's not unusual to see a company the size of Apple regularly scoop up smaller pawns, as it happens often throughout the year, typically to fortify and enhance behind-the-scenes technology. "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time," Apple said.

Burstly owns and operates a service called TestFlight, which enables developers to test their apps among a small amount of users. This ensures the app is ready for consumers, which is ultimately beneficial because it means a smoother overall experience. Burstly this week said it will end TestFlight support of Android apps on March 21, indicating that the service will be an Apple exclusive going forward.

Apple doesn't typically make huge buys, and is often focused on scooping up smaller companies to further push along its own technology. Although, if rumors are true, Apple could be interested in acquiring a pretty popular electric car company, but we'll have to wait and see how that ultimately plays out.