Apple has reportedly acquired a firm called AlgoTrim, a Swedish company that specializes in compressing data. According to the company's site, it works to improve the performance of demanding memory tasks through the use of codecs that can be applied to imaging, graphics and data. Apple could potentially build the technology into its products to decrease the required power of a task, possibly extending battery life and making the overall software experience quicker.

TechCrunch suggests that AlgoTrim also has the technology required to improve imagery, which could be applied to camera sensors on future iPhone or iPad devices. As HTC has proved with the HTC One, it's not always about the megapixel count on a smartphone, but about the actual camera lens and the software that helps process the image after it is snapped. A company that specializes in making the most out of any processor could also help Apple boost the performance of its entry-level iPhones, such as the rumored iPhone 5C, without compromising too much on features.

Apple hasn't yet confirmed the purchase, so we don't know the terms of the deal. However,Swedish news outlet Rapidus, which broke the story, said it confirmed that the head of AlgoTrim's software development team, Anders Holtsberg, has confirmed he's now employed by Apple.