Apple is reportedly in discussions to acquire Sonder, a company that developed a unique morphing E Ink keyboard under Foxconn’s incubator program.

Apple buys other companies all of the time, but this one is particularly compelling. Rumors have suggested that Apple wants to add an OLED screen to its MacBook Pros to add more room for shortcuts, media controls and more. With an E Ink keyboard, the physical keys on the keyboard could change, too, as you can see in the images above.

Why this matters:

Apple, not unlike every other computer manufacturer out there, is clearly looking for new ways to help its products stand out from the competition. This could add a new function we haven’t seen much of before. Lenovo, however, has something similar.

Lenovo’s Yoga Book doesn’t use E Ink, but it does have a keyboard that appears and vanishes unlike anything else we’ve seen before. Sonder’s tech is very different, but still definitely allows the keyboard to serve as a space that can be used for more than just typing.