PrimeSense sensor

After numerous rumors, a new report indicates that Apple is ready to finish its acquisition of PrimeSense, the company that developed the technology behind Microsoft's Kinect sensor.

Reports began to surface this past July that Apple was closing in on a deal to purchase PrimeSense for $280 million, but since then the rumors have gone quite. A new report from Israeli newspaper Calcalist, however, suggests that the deal was close to closing earlier this month for $345 million, but was delayed due to one final legal issue. Now the contracts are expected to be signed some time this week with an official announcement appearing within the next two weeks.

The belief is that Apple will eventually corporate this technology in to its long rumored television set, but possibly other technologies as well such as computers and cars. With the Apple TV set supposedly on hold so that the company can focus on the rumored iWatch, it's not clear when or where this technology would appear at this point, but it would definitely be another arrow in its quiver when the time is right, if ever, to launch the TV.

Speaking with The Verge, PrimeSense issued a rather stern comment about its lack of interest in commenting on rumors:

We are focused on building a prosperous company while bringing 3D sensing and Natural Interaction to the mass market in a variety of markets such as interactive living room and mobile devices. We do not comment on what any of our partners, customers or potential customers are doing and we do not relate to rumors or re-cycled rumors.

We'll see where this ends up in the coming weeks, but it should definitely set some speculation running rampant should the acquisition be completed.