Oh boy, get out the oranges because these rumors are getting juicy! Apparently Apple is interested in acquiring Loewe, a German TV maker. The news has already propelled the electronic company's stock up 29% at the time of publication. According to one trader speaking to Reuters, Apple is interested in bidding as much as 4 euros per share of the company, if it does indeed follow through with the rumored acquisition. The speculation was first reported by AppleInsider in May.

This, if true, is of course huge news for the tech industry. Apple has long been rumored to have an itch for entering the home TV market beyond what it already offers with the Apple TV set-top box. In fact, it recently hired an OLED display expert from LG who has experience in working on TVs.

We've heard dozens of reports suggesting that it will feature a new Siri-controlled interface that may help us ditch the remote control forever, and it will likely integrate nicely with our iOS and OS X machines.

It seems like there's still a bunch of speculation around the possible acquisition – nothing is final yet – but if it happens it's a clear signal that Apple is indeed going to launch a TV.