Apple is reportedly in talks with AgileBits about an acquisition, according to a report from BGR. AgileBits is best known for creating 1Password, a popular password management tool used by millions of users.

The report claims AgileBits CEO Jeff Shiner was recently overheard talking about an “Apple acquisition,” but BGR doesn’t have any details beyond that. It’s unclear how advanced the talks are and BGR wasn’t able to provide context surrounding Shiner’s alleged comments.

BGR’s report goes on to say Apple and AgileBits have entered into an agreement to offer free 1Password accounts to Apple’s more than 123,000 employees. The perk will include the standalone version of 1Password, rather than the monthly plan, and extend to family members, according to BGR.

Apple already offers password management with iCloud Keychain, with features like password generation, storage, auto-fill, and more. It’s not quite as robust as 1Password, but it’s a great free service that’s a good stepping stone to standalone password management services.

Amidst the reported acquisition talks, 1Password’s Twitter account addressed the rumor by denying BGR’s report. It doesn’t, however, say whether or not acquisition talks took place.