iphone-5-purple-lens-flareIt may be frustrating and unsightly, but the annoying purple flare noticed by iPhone 5 owners last week is completely normal. The anomaly, referred to as chromatic aberration, happens when light bends while passing through an optics system, and one as thin as the iPhone 5's was always going to run into issues, as most glass does — even high-end DSLR lenses. So stop fussing, Apple said to one weary customer.

The company responded to an email explaining that the purple flaring is considered normal behavior, and recommended angling your shot differently to avoid the issue. Even it it is somewhat normal behavior, however, it is certainly much more pronounced in the iPhone 5, and TechnoBuffalo was able to replicate the issue on multiple devices without much effort.

That being said, it's a flaw that isn't exclusive to Apple's brand new mobile toy, and most definitely won't prompt a widespread recall of devices. It's a bummer that the Apple customer support representative is pulling a "you're holding it wrong," statement, but iPhone users will just have to live with it.

[via Gizmodo]