Apple vs SamsungApple and Samsung are incapable of playing nice, particularly when the law is involved. The two have filed over 30 suits against each other on four continents since last April, and there seems to be no sign of either letting up. Case in point: Apple filed a complaint against Samsung in a San Jose federal court on Sunday that accused the Korean-based company of violating a court order stemming from a previous patent-infringement case.

According to Apple, Samsung “only partially complied with” a judge’s order requiring the company to produce source code for its 4G smartphones and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. “Samsung produced source code for just one version of each of the products Apple accuses of infringement, and withheld code for all other versions,” Bloomberg reported on Monday.

In order to prove Samsung has infringed on patents from a court case last December, Apple’s are to report back to the judge with their analysis in less than two weeks. But because Samsung has provided insufficient code, Apple is crying foul. “At this point in the case, it is too late for Apple to make meaningful use of any late produced source code,” Apple said in the filing.

expertsBecause Samsung has failed to follow the judge’s instructions and provide the source code for all its versions, Apple is requesting the code Samsung provided be “representative of all version of that product.”

No word as of yet whether Apple will have its way in acquiring the rest of Samsung’s source code, but once we hear anything of significance we’ll update.

[via Bloomberg]