Earlier this week, a pretty intriguing Apple rumor started making the rounds online, suggesting the company could be cooking up a new 5K Thunderbolt Display with a dedicated GPU inside. However, a new report claims the Cupertino company has no such plans.

The news comes from iMore editor-in-chief Rene Ritchie, who’s a trustworthy source when it comes to Apple news. He says he “asked around” and learned that this souped-up 5K Thunderbolt Display won’t be announced at WWDC 2016 or anytime soon. He doesn’t rule it out entirely, though, so there’s still hope it could arrive further down the line.

If Apple did add a GPU to a 5K monitor, it could have some pretty cool implications. The new Thunderbolt display would make it easier for less powerful computers to run on the super-high resolution display. The company would presumably also need to add some software so your MacBook could decide intelligently which GPU to use depending on the situation.

Unfortunately, that seems to be off the table for now, but Apple’s still expected to announce some exciting new products this year starting at WWDC 2016 on June 13. We’ll be covering all the news live from California and we can’t wait to see what the company has planned.