During Apple's earnings call on Wednesday, in which the company missed estimates but still set records, the iPhone-maker revealed it has sold more than 500 million iOS devices to date. Last we heard, Apple was up to 400 million—but over the last quarter, the company managed to fling 10 iOS devices per second. So I guess the iPhone 5 and iPad mini were pretty popular among consumers.

In addition, Apple also said there are currently 250 million active iCloud accounts. That's a lot of backing up, syncing, etc., etc. Given the rate at which the company sells its stuff, a quarter of a billion iCloud users doesn't sound all that outlandish. 

While Apple's milestone of over 500 million iOS devices is rather impressive, Android announced that same figure back in September of 2012. Keep in mind, however, the sheer number of manufacturers and models are out there compared to just six iPhone models.