While it isn’t exactly embarrassing, it is unintentionally hilarious.  Engadget spotted a couple of “oops” images on Apple’s site this weekend.

iPod Touch phone iconThere were two little mess ups to be exact. Both of them can be found lurking around the iPod Touch features page with the first being an image of two iPod Touch units next to each other. On the one in the back, if you look towards the bottom, you’ll notice a green icon with a white phone on it.  Yep, it’s the iPhone icon for its phone features.  Not the end of the world, but still slightly amusing.

As for the second issue, towards the bottom of this post you’ll find another messed up thing and that is in a demonstration of the search feature, one of the results shows a green icon with a white word balloon on it.  Apparently Jane Appleseed and Carlos Miranda somehow figured out how to use the iPhone’s SMS text messaging app on the iPod Touch.  Hopefully they’ll post an article some day about how they pulled that off.

It’s not unusual for companies to reuse artwork, but you would think that someone at Apple might have thought this wasn’t the best idea to show iPhone screens on an iPod Touch.  Yes, they both run iOS, but teasing us with icons of features you can’t use on the device is just downright mean.

We kid, we kid, but it is nice to know that even the all-powerful Apple is capable of some very human mistakes once in a while.  Oh wait, we already knew that.  We’re looking at you iPhone 4 antenna design.

iPod Touch SMS