When you’re shopping for new apps and games on your iOS device, you can now see which titles are compatible with your new Apple TV. Apple has added a new identifier under the “Information” section for iOS apps, which makes it easy to find Apple TV titles from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Information section appears under an app’s description, and it’s where you’ll find details on its developer, which App Store category it is listed under, when the app was last updated, its version number, the package size, its age rating, and more.

Now there’s a new entry to that list: Apple TV. A simple “Yes” now tells you whether or not universal titles are compatible with the new tvOS that runs on your set-top box, helping you decide if certain apps and games are worth your hard-earned cash.

Bear in mind that while this change first appeared on Friday, according to 9to5Mac, not all users will see it yet. Apple seems to be making it available to users gradually, and I’m yet to notice the new identifier on my iPhone or iPad here in the U.K.

Apple has been working to improve the tvOS experience since its latest Apple TV went on sale in late October. Last week, the Cupertino company rolled out tvOS version 9.1, which added Siri support to Apple Music, and made the device compatible with the Apple TV Remote app for iOS.