Missing an episode of your favorite TV show is the worst. Sure, technology like DVRs exist to solve this problem, allowing you to watch episodes at your leisure. But sometimes when you miss a show, you could run into spoilers the next day, whether it’s through social media or from a friend. So in an effort to help you keep track of all the great TV out there, Robocat has created a new app, called Televised, that reminds you when an episode is about to air.

Televised isn’t just simply about reminders, however. The app also gives you summaries and quick links to IMDB; there’s even a share button, as with most things, so you can tell your friends you’re about to watch Bob’s Burgers. Basically, it’s like a mini TV guide in your pocket—the app was recently updated and redesigned for iOS 7, so it promises to look pretty and provide tons of information. If you do follow a particular show, you can mark episodes as watched to help you keep track of what you’ve seen, and there are also recommendations so you can keep your TV binges going.

Other features include the ability to get upgrades in the background, international TV support, local airtime’s and customized episode notifications. There are a ton of Web-based alternatives for tracking shows, and similar mobile experiences that essentially do the same thing as Televised. But the new app is getting a special nod because it looks beautiful, and fulfills a huge need for big TV buffs. The app is being offered for free, but, surprise, surprise, you can only take full advantage of what it can do with a $1.99 in-app purchase.