Everyone has a secret. I still enjoy watching cartoons, for example. Spiders terrify me. Not secrets anymore, but they would be if I told them through the therapeutic new app craze, Secret, which lets users share stuff anonymously, without consequence. No names, no profiles. Just a platform that allows you to, as the app puts it, be yourself, free of judgement and peer scrutiny.

The setup is very basic: every secret you post is delivered anonymously to the people in your contacts that are using Secret, which can be viewed, liked and commented on (anonymously). Posts that are liked are automatically shared with that person’s friends, and if another friend likes it, it can reach even further, and so on. Secrets that reach a wider audience will be marked with a person’s general location next to a star icon; “California,” for example.

Part ridiculous and part brilliant, Secret is a perfect platform to dish dirt without the drama. You think you know your friends? Think again. Depending on how many of your friends use the platform, there’s certainly potential to peel back a lot of layers. But they’ll be anonymous, of course, which is the point.

Have something to get off your chest? Want to spread an idea without your name or face attached to it? Secret is your answer. The app is available now for free on iOS.