Ever since Apple introduced its M7 motion processor in the iPhone 5s, it has become much easier to track your activity without needing to purchase an additional accessory. So to take advantage of our insatiable desire to quantify our lives, popular run-tracking app, RunKepper, has released a new experience called Breeze, which keeps track of how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day. This isn’t the first app to take advantage of Apple’s M7 technology, and it probably won’t be the last.

Breeze is essentially RunKeeper, but for those who prefer a more casual walk to a heart attack-inducing run. The app will collect your walking history, where you’ve been, and present all that necessary information in a easily digestible way. It doesn’t give you any more information than you need—just what’s important, so you don’t spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to figure out what means what, and why.

You’ll be able to setup goals with Breeze, and you can even allow the app to send you notifications throughout the day—either to tell you you’re close to your goal, or to move around more. It’s really easy to forget to move around when you’re focused on work (or school) all day, so it’s nice to see that Breeze is a little more aggressive about reminding users to get up and move around.

You might not think a simple walk can help improve your fitness, but think of it this way: is it better than just sitting around all day? Absolutely. The next time you have a break at school or work, take a quick walk, explore. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. Summer is just around the corner, and all it takes to change is a simple first step.