When Google Reader died, a little part of the Internet died with it. Following the search giant’s announcement, people weren’t just losing a terrific way to keep up with different feeds; there was collateral damage to apps that relied on Google’s backend. In particular—one app I was particularly fond of before Google Reader was pulled this summer—was the crippling of Reeder.

But slowly and surely, Reeder is climbing back into relevance. After initially updating its iPhone app back in July, Reeder has introduced a rather substantial (iOS 7 optimized) update that includes support for more third party RSS services, including Feed Wrangler, Feedbin and more. Even better, the app is now compatible with the iPad as well, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Think of Reeder 2 as a reborn experience. Along with newly supported services, the update introduces a really nice looking design that previous Reeder users will love. The overall experience should be very familiar—social sharing through Facebook, Pocket, Twitter and more are onboard—so it’s like that gut punch to Reeder never even happened.

The app is currently available in Apple’s App Store for $4.99. Unfortunately, anyone who previously purchased Reeder before the update need to purchase the app again.