How hard you brake and how quickly you accelerate plays a huge part in your car’s overall life, no matter how mechanically sound you think it is. Nobody has perfect driving habits, but it’s never too late to start practicing better ones. MyDriving Plus, from DriveFactor, wants to help you do just that through a free new iOS app (an Android app is coming soon) that helps drivers potentially save money by measuring driving activity, and then provides feedback based on behavior.

By using a smartphone’s built-in sensor, MyDriving Plus is capable of logging your driving behavior by collecting data such as hard brakes and rapid acceleration, and then giving you personalized feedback and tips to help you become a better driver. You can log an unlimited amount of trips—under Trip History—which gives you a better idea of how you’re progressing, and what you can improve on. MyDriving Plus provides a lot of information about a single drive, including the time of the trip, your max speed and and whether or not you have good brake control.

Logging a trip is super easy—just hit Start New Trip. Log enough time driving and MyDriving Plus will give you an idea of your car’s life, and tips on how to extend it through better driving habits. There’s an odd insurance tie-in persistent throughout the app, which could definitely get annoying, but the company says building a personal profile can unlock “significant savings” on car loans and car insurance.

“MyDriving Plus builds on DriveFactor’s data platform to provide accurate driving feedback based on credible research,” said Steve McKay, CEO at DriveFactor. “It augments our ability to provide value to and learn from consumers.”

DriveFactor says all the data collected is stored securely in the cloud, and is never rented or sold without user permission. The app is available now for free for devices running iOS 7 and up, and is coming to Android “in the near future.” If you’ve wondered what kind of toll your street racing has on your Civic, MyDriving Plus will provide that information, and, hopefully, make you a more careful driver in the process.