Apple’s iPhone has always been hampered by storage limitations. While most consumers will find the 16, 32 and 64GB options to offer plenty of space, it would be even better if users could expand on that. With Mophie’s Space Pack, which was introduced at CES earlier this year, you don’t have to worry about being limited by storage restrictions. As a bonus, you don’t need to worry about battery issues, either.

When the company’s Space Pack launches this month, users will be able to essentially use the accessory like an external hard drive and battery in one. But in order to actually take all your files with you, you’ll need to download Mophie’s Space app, which is available now for free in the iOS App Store. You’ll obviously need a Space Pack to get any productive use out of the app, but once you do get the 1700mAh-equipped device (available in 16GB and 32GB versions), the Space app will let you access and manage basically any file you want, right from your iPhone.

With the Space app, you’ll be able to easily do things such as syncing your camera roll, save attachments from email, manage music, video and other documents, and move/add files directly from a computer. There’s even a built-in camera in the Space app, allowing pictures you snap to be saved directly to the Space Pack instead of your device. The layout is slick, too, and even gives you an easy-to-read storage breakdown (via a pie chart). The Space Pack, incidentally, is capable of storing up to 16,000 photos, 14 hours of video and 9,000 songs, according to Mophie’s website.

When we saw the Space app in action at CES, we came away really impressed by the design and how easy it was to use. Having that extra storage is a nice touch, but the beautifully designed app is icing on the cake. You can even create folders from right within the app, and moving files from one place to another is no problem.

The Space Pack certainly doesn’t come cheap, at $150 for the 16GB model and $180 for the 32GB. The Space app, however, is free, and will help you push your Space Pack to its limits. You can check out the Space app via iTunes now for free.