Photo apps are a dime a dozen in mobile, and many of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. A personal favorite of mine is VSCO Cam, but I’m always on the look out for something new, and Landcam, made by Simple Simple, might be it. At just $0.99, the all-in-one camera and photo editor combines all your favorite features into a single app. It’s like a combination of Instagram, VSCO and Pinterest in one single app.

People are nostalgic for the analog past, which is why so many editing apps are so popular in the first place. Landcam plays that up to a T without overwhelming photos, and includes some cool additions that some competing apps just don’t have. In addition to 30+ filters, Landcam also has over 35+ fonts and 100+ borders, sketches, shapes, lightleaks and textures. Now you know why it calls itself the all-on-one camera and photo editor.

For folks who want to edit photos themselves, and not rely so much on preset filters, Landcam comes with 12 adjustments tools, so you can very gently change exposure, etc. A surprisingly overlooked feature included in Simple Simple’s app is the ability to double expose a single frame; it’s not something you’ll do to every photo, but it’s a neat feature that should produce some creative results.

Of course, any app worth mentioning has the be able to share to other networks, and Landcam has quick sharing options to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Other features include undo and redo buttons, and your typical photo settings. Pretty much everything you’d want in one elegant app, for only $0.99.